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There was no attempt to conceal facts — NCR

06 Feb 2014

Dear Editor,

Dr Philip Michael, in the course of a long letter (IMT 24.01.14) on the possible health consequences of water fluoridation, states that it is “disturbing” that the National Cancer Registry and the Northern Ireland Cancer Registry do not regularly publish comparative data on chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL).


The implication of this comment is that the registries are involved in some attempt to conceal facts on this issue from the public. Data on CLL from 1994 to 2011 from the Irish National Cancer Registry, at the level of specificity required by Dr Michael, are freely available for download on our website. Comparable data on CLL for both registries, and for all registries in the world, can also be downloaded from the database of Cancer Incidence in Five Continents database at the International Agency for Cancer Research.

In 2012 we published a detailed report on leukaemia incidence, mortality and survival in Ireland, including figures on CLL. The NI Cancer registry produced in 2012 a very detailed report on leukaemia and lymphoma, giving CLL trends up to 2008.

All of this information is freely available on the websites of both registries. I completely reject the suggestion that I, or my colleague Dr Anna Gavin, would ever attempt to suppress any information collected by us, particularly data which would have implications for population health.


Dr Harry Comber, 

Director, National Cancer Registry,


6 February 2014

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